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The Side Installation Shelters can be used only to cover areas running parallel to a building side, using its wall for shelter support and leaving the access doors free.

This shelter is available with two roof options: Single Slope and Dual Slope. Assembled with standard components, this model allows side joining according to the area to be covered.

The side shelter construction includes two free standing front and rear frames. The top side of the pantographs slides on tracks fixed to the beams attached to the building wall and, on the opposite side, the floor tracks are attached to free standing support girders.



Download technical Datasheet of Mobile Shelters in .PDF




  • Framework made of solid welded steel sections, hot-dip zinc plated and of twin-linked mobile trusses sliding on tracks with 160 mm dia. steel wheels running on double water/dust resistant ball bearings.
  • Wheel safety steel hoods
  • Flexible curtain made of tough fabric, double coated with self-extinguishing Class 2 fire Class, with installed weight of 0,9 Kg/square meter, and reinforcing patches on the most hard wearing positions.
  • Non shearing, zinc plated pantographs
  • Zinc plated 8.8 fastening bolts
  • Curtain tensioning and dual layer splicing strip system with double layer wear resistant patches and 350 Kg tear strength. Continuous ligatures are installed on truss positions subject to highest tension.
  • Pillars of suitable size according to installation side conditions
  • Bundling capacity guaranteed for 50{f0a0aafd4a536f5eeb76a51aa38fabfe4f897e4301dd8e38016526f03bf9b410} of side shelter length
  • Frame pulling system by means of solid steel rods and mud hooks inside the shelter to avoid dangerous stumbling blocks
  • Front closing by means of curtains strengthened by steel sections with 1000 mm spacing, linked to a winch by a tension chain. Optional floor latches for curtain part opening are available.


  • Front closing with fast automatic door or other systems
  • Transparent side windows size 700 x 1000 mm
  • Curtain hoisters
  • Push button control for curtain opening and closing