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COIL doors for large-scale retail

Style  is one of the main parameters  used  when designing  COIL automatic industrial doors  to  determine product features and function.

Originally created to reduce traffic thermal differences in industrial  areas, these doors have met an ever increasing success in commercial locations

The growth of  supermarket sale areas and of related stockrooms required  transit solutions featuring easy operation, high  safety and low maintenance.

COIL doors for food industry

Frozen food processing requires high levels of environmental sanitation, which can be achieved by using materials and equipment complying with specific business certification.

Inside the food processing and stocking areas, goods handling and people activity are regulated in order to keep the hygienic level constant.

COIL doors for low temperature room

The main objective of COIL solutions for the refrigeration industry is to maintain a constant negative temperature in freezing plants or cold stores. The flexible curtains can withstand temperatures down to -60°.


COIL doors for ATEX environments

Roll-up doors for ATEX classified environments use a fully pneumatic automation system. Motorization, control panel and operator controls, work with compressed air only, providing the same functionality as an electric
version. Standard dimensions up to mm. 4000 x H 5000 (larger dimensions on request). Optional pneumatic system for interfacing two interlocking ATEX doors.

COIL doors for chemical and pharmaceutical industries

In the chemical and pharmaceutical sector COIL doors are suitable for the partitioning between operating and/or storage environments and allow to automate the passage of operators, isolating areas with different environmental features, without introducing operational obstacles.

These doors are recommended for environments that require frequent and constant washing, a high resistance to dispersion (clean room) and low maintenance.

COIL doors for waste treatment plants

Vehicle and people traffic inside solid waste working plants is subject to special safety regulations. These include separation of various rooms in large buildings having wide entries in prefab walls where doors must be installed .
Roll-up doors have been successfully installed in many applications, including large entries with widths up to 20 meters, a height of 8 meters, meeting a high wind force pressure and no transit problems.

COIL doors for the railway industry

PVC doors, flexible double acion doors, with single or double panel, are still today a valid solution to close large rooms, for the passage of railways in the presence of overhead lines.

The fast doors, in the roll-up and fold-up versions, are better used in carriage depots and maintenance workshops.

COIL doors for emergency exits

Application of fast doors in hospital or emergency unit, requires to meet the local regulations and safety conditions of emergency wards, both by improving the personnel working environment and the patients aid.

Both flexible double action doors and fold-up doors, fitted with anti-crash system on the lower section, enable easy and safety access and transit of ambulances and first aid vehicles.   Different emergency opening options are available, in case of black-out, including pneumatic systems.