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The WINDOR FDA , the swing door featuring rigid panels of food approved polyethylene with a possibility to use pneumatic operation (COIL patent), has been joined by a sliding door version called RAIDOOR FDA.

This door is available with one or two panels sliding sideways by means of electro-pneumatic controls. This solution allows the installation of an automatic door which does not hinder worker transit also in rooms where lack of space prevents swing door panel rotation.



Download technical Datasheet of WINDOR RAIDOOR FDA



The FDA RAIDOOR, a door with sliding rigid panels, is a new development of the WINDOR FDA the swing door which can be upgraded to pneumatic automation.

This door, available with a single or dual sliding rigid panels is fitted with an electro-pneumatic automation system.

This solution allows the installation of an automatic door for personnel transit also in rooms where the space required for door panel swinging is not sufficient.

The special automation system program, which opens the door automatically in case of power shortage, can also be upgraded to a PANIC EXIT door opening option.

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A compact steel profile construction with suitable dimensions to ensure maximum strength and good resilience. Housing cover made of AISI 304 brushed stainless steel.

Door wings

Overhead mounting on rotary supports

Polyethylene panels

Fabricated from hi density extruded rigid Polyethylene sheet 15mm thick. This material has been approved for use in food processing areas and is widely used for this application due to its long service life, resistance to impacts, corrosion, fat, cleansing chemicals, wide temperature variations, as well as for its low overhead (high strength, cleansing facility and virtually maintenance free)

Clear windows

Installed at operator's eye level for good visual inspection. These windows are installed flush inside the door and the smooth, no snag mounting ensures minimal dirt buildup and easier cleaning.

Versions and dimensions

FDA RAIDOOR is custom made to the customer's specifications. – Single panel version: max. dims. W 1300 x H 3000 – Dual panel version: max. dims. W 2400 x H 3000

RAIDOOR Modular automation device

This door sliding device, developed and patented by COIL, can be used to automate FDA RAIDOOR or other sliding door panels or flexible transparent PVC strip curtains.

Remote controlled electro-pneumatics (standard)

complete with electric control panel connecting the remote controls (pushbutton, pull cord, radar detector, etc.),and a filter regulator to check and lubricate plant air for the cylinders

Remote controlled Ex-proof pneumatics

This system uses plant air as the single supply for door operation. The pneumatic command panel is connected to all operating pushbuttons or pull cords. This system is ideal for ex-classified processing areas In chemical or for processing plants (e.g. food processing) where electric power cannot be used. The doors opening/closing speeds are adjustable. In case of power failure, the door can operate manually without damaging automatic controls.

Slide/swing door combination

For special requirements, one door panel can slide sideways using FDA RAIDOOR, and the other panel can swing out using the SAM device. With a perfect slide/swing synchronized operation, this dual panel door arrangement can solve all kinds of room transit requirements.