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The better way to pass

Customized solutions of Industrial Doors and Industrial shelter, for industry and trade

Industrial doors

Roll-up doors, fold-up doors, double action flexible PVC or rigid doors and sectional doors for industrial use, fit into different environment and optimize the flow of people, goods and vehicles.

Industrial shelters

The best solution to set up covered shelters that are flexible and easy to move, for outdoor storage of commodities and materials

Metallic Carpentry

Customized metallic carpentry products. Reliable structures over time.

Since 1959

A proven expertise and competence gained in 60 years of activity in varied industrial and commercial fields. We can boast the production and sale of over 116,000 industrial doors.


The production units are entirely in the factory of Rho in Milan and our products are in compliance with EC directives.


Doors, rapid doors and mobile sheds, customized and according to specific customer needs, guarantee functionality, safety and efficiency, based on the fields of application.


Transparent, detailed and competitive quotation, timely assistance, maintenance or interventions with specialized installers.

References and solutions

A range of products that covers all possible needs in any field of work

Industrial doors fields of application

High speed roll-up doors and double action doors for Retail


Solutions for easy transition in commercial environments, with low levels of maintenance, but with high safety features.

Double action doors food industry


Dedicated solution to food processing or storage areas, responds to the specific regulations of the food and cold industry.

High speed roll-up doors for climate controlled areas


Quick-closing systems for the refrigeration industry, maintain a constant negative temperature in freezing equipment and refrigerated warehouses.

High speed rool up doors for Hospital Area


Applications in hospital area to facilitate access and logistic of ambulances and emergency vehicles.

High speed roll-up doors ATEX


High speed roll-up industrial doors and double action doors,  with pneumatic automation system.

High speed roll-up doors for chemical and pharmaceutical environemnet


A series of high-sanitation rapid doors for the subdivision between operating environments and/or controlled atmosphere storage area

Fold up doors for waste treatment


Large closing solutions for external doorway with high traffic in prefabricated structures, provide security and isolation of the environments

Double action doors for rail industry


Flexible impact swing doors, installed on single or dual tracks, even nowadays are the sole valid solution of large entries for trains, or urban rail cars, running on aerial power lines.

Last news

New Door control unit now available for COIL industrial and commercial high speed doors

High Speed Door control unit

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On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the company, COIL decided to join the project  “Il Bosco dei Ricordi”,  gesture towards protecting the environment in which the company is rooted.


The wood of memory

April 2019, Read More

An important anniversary that the company wants to celebrate by recalling its history of intelligence and courage to change and adapt to market demand. To celebrate this important goal different events and activities.

60 years of passion for Industrial Doors

1959 - 2019, Read More

We want less polluting for our planet and we use clean energy from renewable sources. The energy we use is certified by renewable sources supplied by RePower.


COIL chooses 'Green Inside'

September 2018, Read More