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STAR 250

The STAR 250, with its compact  design, high speed operation and a wide range of optional features, is the ideal door for rapid transit of room entries. Its compact design makes this door ideal for “in-door” installation, viz. within  door jambs. 


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The Star 250, with its compact structure, high-speed performance and wide range of optional features, is the ideal door for rapid transit industrial or commercial areas.

Its design also makes it particularly suited to installation within structural openings.


Additional information

Self-supporting Framework

Made of special galvanised steel sections, with easy jamb opening and top box removal feature, for drum inspection or maintenance. Designed to fit either inside the entry opening or face-fixed. Full width top drive motor and rotary drum cover as standard. Optional construction made of AISI 304 stainless steel or RAL painted. The STAR 250 PLUS framework is available in Stainless Steel construction only.

Winding Drum

Drive shaft made of galvanised 152 mm dia. flanged steel tube rotating on bench supports with self-aligning ball bearings

Optional structure

Optional Structure made from AISI 304 stainless steel or RAL painted.

Motor assembly

Fitted inside the door framework. A. three-phase self-braking assembly motor runs on 220/380 Volt50 Hz. with power rating of 0.6 kW. The motor is complete with a safety overload/heat detector. Optional two-phase speed motor.

Flexible curtain

Made of tough double coated polyester fabric, self-extinguishing Class 2 with clear central section. Door panels are interchangeable for fast , easy replacement in case of damage. The panels are connected by anodised aluminium extruded joints. Curtains are available in a selection of colours. STAR 250 PLUS has a totally transparent Class 2 self estinguishing PVC sheeting curtain, with Interchangeable sections for large size doors.

Curtain sliding mechanism

Smooth , quiet curtain slide operation, featuring lateral tracks with twin rubber seal guides.

Wind reinforcing Door bars/Wind Resistance

Special anodised aluminium bowed horizontal bars guarantee a curtain tight closing even in the event of negative pressures or wind speeds up to 60 km/h (calculated at maximum opening dimension).This option does not apply to STAR 250i version which has an anti-crash lower section designed for internal room traffic

Wind Load Resistance

In accordance with UNI EN 12424-Class 01 Standard.

Curtain optional

Transparent Panel Sections One transparent PVC section (750 mm high) for safety see through and interior lighting. Optional additional transparent PVC sections. and fully transparent curtain sections version are available.

Emergency opening

In the event of power failure or malfunction, a counterbalance spring inserted in one of jambs allows lifting of the door by manually actuating the brake release control which is on the door jamb at asuitable operator height.

Optional Automatic Emergency/Panic Opening (Patented)

Safety photocell One Pair of transmitter/receiver type photocells will stop the door down travel and make it return to the open position, should any obstacle be detected by the threshold beam. Optional additional photocell pairs are available as required, by choice, or due to current Health and Safety Standards. Optional Photocells protection rate upgrading from IP55 to IP57. Positive Door Fall Locking Complying with current safety law No.626 related to vertical operating doors, STAR 250 doors are provided with a dual positive door fall locking system which prevents the curtain from falling down in case of power shortage or any other cause. This proprietary safety system is actuated even if the rotary secondary transmission is subject to a breakdown. Anti-crash Lower section The optional break-through lower section allows a fast easy curtain recovery in case of an accidental impact. The curtain lower part exits the side tracks and can be easily re-inserted manually STAR250i has the Anti-crash lower section up to 3000mm width and is designed for internal traffic. STAR250 Anti-Crash has the Anti-crash lower section up to 4000mm width and can be used for both External and Internal traffic. Optional Bottom Safety Edge This optical Electronic safety option sends a signal to an amplifier, which interrupts the door descent when an obstacle is hit on the threshold, making the door open instantly..

Electrical hard wiring

Fully prewired, with external quick connectors provide fast safe connections between the control panel and the mains

PT Control Box/Board

External Standard control box has an UP push buttons and EMERGENCY Push/Lock button. On STAR 250 Plus the control box is installed inside a jamb, with an IP 55 protection rating, in compliance with the updated EC standard EC CEI 44/5 and DIN. The control panel features : a Lockable Power Switch, Up and Down push buttons, Emergency Push/Lock button, and an Automatic/Manual selector switch. The box is a robust IP 55 protection class enclosure with an IP 65 Class compliant push-button board. The solid-state microprocessor with a digital electronic instrument panel allow easy programming and quick maintenance operations in case of failure. It also ensures interfacing with remote controls and timer programming. A self-diagnosis circuit monitors failures by means of dedicated LED lamps. The board also features a safety overload/heat detector. The control box can be installed optionally inside the jambs of both Standard and PLUS versions.

Optional electric panel devices

Optional part opening function for automatic curtain opening up to a preselected height. – Optional Interlock logic for interfacing a series of doors.


Product compliant with EC Directive UNI EN 13241-1


COIL. provide a standard warranty of 12 months from delivery date on every products. In case of malfunctioning, parts will be exchanged. Delivery of the new part will be after receiving the original one