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REKORD ƩVO specifically designed to be installed in food industry and retail environments. 
From the experience acquired with the product line REKORD, COIL updates its catalog of high speed roll-up doors, introducing the innovative and exclusive ƩVO REKORD, specifically designed to be installed in food industry and retail environments.

ƩVO REKORD results from the close contact between designers and users, with several installations in years, that have allowed to conjugate the evolved technical features with a correct positioning of price.

REKORD ƩVO breaks the classic scheme of flexible rapid doors. The setting of the “Box structure”, the motor unit and the PVC coat are reviewed to meet the specific needs of food industry, to divide processing and packaging areas and, in retails, the transit zones between sales and stocks departments.

The main technical characteristics of REKORD ƩVO can be summarized as follows :

High opening speed up to 1.5 mt./sec. An inverter device allows the opening and closing speed regulation and the door’s coat approach range.

A perfect tightness of the cross member, with a roller provided with a moving flap, which ensures no air, dust or vapors passage between the upper rolling coat surface and the cross-member inner surface.

Complete sealing of the vertical uprights ensured by a special impact-resistant flexible spine and a particular internal guidance design ( with a continuous surface, without recesses), without any seal and/or brushes.

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