The double action swing flexible doors still represent the right solution to close compartments of large dimensions for the passage of ferrotranviaries in the presence of overhead lines.

Other solutions such as fast roll up door and fold up doors are best used in the deposits of carriages and maintenance workshops.

In the railway, subway and streetcar industries a variety of installations have  taken place, including large flexible swing doors and the latest high speed automatic rollup or fold up doors.


A few of the main installations:

  • Milan Metropolitan – Romolo Deposit
  • Milan Metropolitan – S.Donato Deposit
  • Milan Metropolitan – Famagusta Deposit
  • A.N.M. Naples – TRAM Naples deposit
  • Trenitalia – Locomotive Workshop of Greek – Milan deposit
  • Trenitalia – carriages Maintenance Workshop Torino P.Nuova
  • Trenitalia – Rimini airport maintenance workshop


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