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The polyethylene swinging door Windor FDA has a solid structure made from AISI 304 stainless steel profile, certified for food environment use, resistant and hygienic, with transparent portholes. The clean design with no snag construction ensures perfect cleansing wash down and make it a door suitable for supermarket sales points or in highly sanitised environments. Crossable in both directions, thanks to the bi-directional automation, it allows installation on escape routes.


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Solid structure made from AISI 304 stainless steel profile, with dimensions suitable to ensure maximum swinging door resistance and elasticity. COIL snag-free stainless steel cover ensures perfect cleaning.


Mounted on the upper and lower rotary supports with ball bearings

Automatic closing device

Device includes two torsion springs positioned on the top section and the lower guide supports. The spring torque is adjustable for the force required by the working conditions

Polyethylene panels

Made from high-quality rigid polyethylene 15mm thick. This material has been approved for use in food processing for its features such as excellent lifetime, best resistance to impact, wide temperature variations, corrosion, fats and cleansing chemicals. This material also offers maximum resistance, easy wash down feature and practically requires no maintenance. Central soft plastic profile to prevent hand / finger crushing.

transparent portholes

Transparent windows for visual inspection are incorporated at eye level with special no-screw mounting to avoid dirt gathering.

Modular automation device SAM

Exclusively designed and patented by COIL, this device can operate automatically all types of swing doors currently existing on the market without any structural modification. This system is particularly recommended for sanitation and environmental hygiene. SAM SP is a version for bi-directional manual opening, with a light pushing, or with automatic control. The automatic opening control is available for single direction (SAM SE version) or automatic dual direction panel opening with remote command (SAM).