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STAR 300

Featuring an advanced design and structure, STAR 300 is the top of the line in the high speed roll up door market.

The  main  feature  of STAR 300 is its sleek design which makes it fit for both  industrial and commercial areas.

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Featuring an advanced design and structure, STAR 300 is the top of the line in the high speed roll up door market.

The  main  feature  of STAR 300 is its sleek design which makes it fit for both  industrial and commercial areas.

The  fully  transparent flexible curtain is fitted with a proprietary counter balancing system and anti-stretch vertical  stripes, with no horizontal crossbars. 

STAR 300  is  the  lone high speed roll up door with the above features which can be supplied for net door openings up to 5×5 meters.

Despite its large  dimensions, STAR 300 features a resistance to winds up to 50 Km/hour. This trait allows the installation of this door not only as inner room applications, but also for external heavy traffic.

STAR 300  has a fully integrated  drive construction, including  the  winding  gear  with  the motor assembly  and the control panel,  within  the door  frame. The  snug  boxed  frame  is  fitted  with inspection  doors  for checking  the electro-mechanical drive  assembly.

Additional information

Self supporting framework

The framework is built with a sturdy galvanized steel profile, with jambs and top winding drum box cover fitted with flush inspection doors. The smooth frame steel covers have no encumbrance that may prevent the door installation "inside" the entry opening.

Winding Drum

This consists of a 152 mm dia. flanged steel tube rotating on self aligning ball bearings. The boxed drum header has removable inspection access panels.

Framework Options

The framework can be fabricated from AISI 304 Stainless Steel or galvanized steel painted in RAL colors.

Motor assembly

This unit is installed inside the door frame. The self braking motor runs on three phase 220/380 Volt 50 Hz, rated 0.6Kw, and is fitted with safety overload detector.

Flexible curtain

Curtain made with a single-piece Class 2 self-estinguishing clear transparent PVC sheeting. Fitted with Trevira-brand anti-stretch vertical stripes

Curtain slide travel

Very quiet operation, thanks to dual rubber seals fitted on to the side tracks.

Bottom rail

Made of solid aluminum profile fitted with an effective, durable airtight rubber seal and dual safety bump chambers.

Wind pressure resistance

The wind pressure resistance is guaranteed to stand winds to 50 Km/h, thank to a proprietary curtain counterbalancing system.

Safety controls

Emergency opening A control is fitted at an operator's height on one of the side jambs for automatic curtain lifting, thanks to a counter-balancing coil fitted on to the winding drum. Safety photocell A pair of photocell beams stop the curtain descent and will lift the door again if an object in the doorway is detected. Door Fall Thwart A proprietary curtain "no-fall "device is added to the current safety regulation for fast vertical travelling doors which must stop in case of drive failures.The current standard safety system consists of an "irreversible worm gear in oil bath coupled with the drive motor". In case of a brake rupture, it prevents the door from falling. Since the STAR 300 door motor is not installed directly on the winding drum, this extra safety system prevents the curtains from falling in case of a drive damage related to the irreversible worm gear brake.

Hard Wiring

Fully prewired, with standard terminal block for quick safe connections between the control panel and remote utilities

Control Panel

Featuring a strong IP55 rated box , complying with current EC/CEI 44/5 DIN. The pushbutton control board is rated IP65 class has an UP travel pushbutton and an EMERGENCY button for mechanical locking. The digital electronic board for microprocessor control allows easy programming and quick replacement in case of breakdown, interfacing with remote controls and time sequencing programs. The panel is complete with overload protectors for mains, motor and remote controls. Mains power is 3-phase 220/380/400/500 VAC 50 Hz (standard 380 VAC 3-phase).

Options for Control Panel

Inner Electric Control Panel This IP 55 class panel can be installed inside the door frame. The IP 65 push- button board will be installed on one of the door jambs. Partial opening height This option allows the curtain to be opened up to a preselected height. PLUS type control Panel In addition to the standard control layout, this includes manually operated Selector Switch, Pushbutton s for UP and DOWN. Interlock Logic Interface controls for a series of doors.


his product complies with UNI EN 13241-1 standards for Industrial & Commercial Doors. All COIL doors are supplied complete with the original E.C. Certificate. The E.C. Certificate guarantees the product design and construction comply with the safety requirements included with the following standards : ● UNI EN 13241-1 – Standards for Industrial and Commercial Doors ● 89 / 105 / E.C. – Standards for Product Construction ● LVD 73 / 23 / E.C. – Standards for Low Voltage Equipment ● EMC 89 / 336 / E.C. – Standards for Electro-Magnetic Compatibility ● 98 /37EC + 98/79 E.C. – Standards for Machinery ● UNI EN 12604 – Mechanical Features ● UNI EN 12453 – Safety for motorized Doors ● UNI EN 12424 – Resistance to Wind Load


The standard warranty is 12 months. Upon request, a special warranty for "3 years or 100.000 operating cycles" warrants the door from date of installation. The operating cycles are monitored by a specific counter inside the control box. The warranty applies to doors installed and tried out by COIL service people or by COIL-approved dealer fitters.