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High speed Rollup Door for deepfreeze rooms.

Keeping constant the subzero temperatures of freezing plants and storage rooms is the main target of STAR Artic.

The main drawback of standard deepfreeze doors is the time frame when they stay open for transit. This time and the door dimensions account for the heat exchange with the outdoor environment. Hence the need to oversize the deepfreeze plant.

A high speed door, in addition to a standard deepfreeze door, allows fast transit as it opens and closes quickly, cutting down drastically the heat exchange time.

Furthermore, a fully transparent curtain allows best visibility of inner rooms, making inward inspection with “closed doors” possible.


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Star 250 Artic is the first fast roll-up door designed and developed for food and other deep frozen products processing.

It is a special automatic door designed for deep freeze environments and meets the thermal insulation requirements in deep freeze areas.

The construction features of STAR 250 Artic meets the requirements for a fast roll-up door which, linked to a standard deepfreeze door, must keep a constant temperature in the freezing processing and in deepfreeze stocking rooms, despite frequent truck or personnel transit.

The innovating feature of this technically advanced door is its special SuperPolar curtain. This curtain is highly flexible and fully transparent, allowing room visual inspection when the door is closed. The web plastic can stand temperatures as low as -60° C. (- 76° F.). This makes the installation of heating systems for the vertical guide and bottom buffer (which usually create moisture dew), unnecessary.

The high opening and closing speed of STAR 250 Artic allows a minimal thermal dispersal, and this also makes unnecessary the installation of oversized freeze equipment, which often creates issues. An extra bonus is the compact and highly functional design and construction. All mechanical and electro-mechanical gear train, installed inside the door frame, can be easily checked by means of access doors.

The compact design makes STAR 250 Artic capable of meeting all indoor/outdoor entry installation requirements.

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This consists of an AISI 304 stainless steel framework encased by boxed jambs and upper canopy provided with inspection and maintenance access doors. Thanks to its snag-free construction, this door can be installed both outside and inside entryways.

Drive Assembly

A 3-phase self braking motor with overload safety running on 220/380 Volt A.C. – A non-reversible speed reducer in a Low Temperature oil bath, with worm screw and a chain transmission on the winding shaft. – A cam operated switch – A heated electro-magnetic brake assembly.


Opening speed up to 1,0 m/sec.

Flexible Curtain

The curtain, broken in several interchangeable panels, is made of “SuperPolar” clear PVC plastic made of a special formulation capable of standing temperatures as low as -60° C. (-76° F.). – This special plastic avoids the installation of heating systems for the sliding tracks and the bottom seal bar. – The curtain interchangeable panels can be replaced easily and quickly in case of accidental hits.

Wind load resistance

The door complies with the UNI EN 12424 Class 0/1 regulation

Safety System

• Emergency opening by means of a manual handle located at operator’s reach on one of the door jambs, thanks to a counter-balance spring. • Safety photocell. A pair of photocells positively stop the door fall and a prompt raising in case of obstacle detection in the doorway • Door fall prevention. Current safety laws require all fast vertical opening doors to be equipped with a fail-safe protection system preventing them from falling in case of breakdown. STAR doors are endowed with a proprietary “fall-prevention” system in case of a door motion failure.

Control panel

• The control panel, positioned outside of the door, is included in a sturdy cabinet with an IP 55 protection, complying with current EC/CEI 44/5 & DIN regulations. • Pushbutton board complies with IP 65 class protections (UP pushbutton. Emergency pushbutton with mechanical lock). • The control panel must be installed in a location with above zero temperatures. • The digital electronic board for microprocessor control allows easy programming of door operation and the automatic closing time. The electronics allows easy interfacing with auxiliary controls such as remote opening and other standard or additional safety devices. • The panel also includes various overload protections (Mains, motor and controls). The mains supply is 3-phase 220/380 Volt AC – 50 Hz , the inner panel supply is 24 V. DC.

Door opening systems

• The automatic door opening and closing operate by means of remote controls. • These controls include radio wave manual controls or fully automatic such as floor-embedded magnetic loops, which are activated by the transit of a metallic mass (trucks etc.) only. Persons cannot activate the magnetic loop control..

Safety regulations

• This product complies with norm UNI EN 13241-1 for Industrial Doors. • All COIL doors are supplied complete with original E.C. certificates. • The EC Certificate vouches that Product Design and Construction comply with current safety regulation and requirements


The STAR doors are built with best quality materials and electronic components, field tested by the most strict industrial and commercial applications, are covered by a standard 12-month warranty.