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PAL 150/200

These large flexible rollup doors are designed for  large entries of industrial and commercial buildings, including those requiring high wind resistance. This requirement is obtained by using  heavy duty polyester curtains incorporating a series of horizontal steel tubing.



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PAL 150 Inox An AISI 304 stainless steel frame  is a  valid solution for sanitizing wash down requirements and best environmental hygiene in the food processing, chemicals  production and pharmaceutical industries.

PAL 150 Pneumatic This door version meets  all processing requirements in explosion -prone environments by use of a totally pneumatic drive motor.

 PAL 200 Antipanic  A panic exit feature is censure by the installation of  a counterbalance spring  installed  inside one of the vertical mullions. In case of power  outage  this counterbalance system allows for  motor brake unlocking and automatic curtain lifting  or, alternatively, manual unlocking  by means of a pushbutton  positioned at a convenient operator’s height. This safety system can be connected to central safety logics  e.g. fire fighting systems.