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The best solution to set up covered shelters that are flexible and easy to move, for outdoor storage of commodities and materials . These shelters streamline the functionality of working operations, by reducing unnecessary product storage in the same area. Our Mobile Shelters are sized according to customer requirements and broken down in the following layout:



Download technical Datasheet of Mobile Shelters in .PDF


Should the need arise, a Mobile Shelter is a quick answer for flexible, mobile covered depots. The main application for this solution is outside goods storage, instead of using inner space for more profitable manufacturing process.

These Mobile Shelters are free standing and can also be used for goods loading or unloading operations in a covered area and also for possible aisles between various buildings.

Assembled with standard components mobile shelters can be joined sideways, offering an option to cover larger size areas.

The structure stableness is verified and each shelter is delivered with a CALCULATION REPORT certifying snow and wind load strength.

Mobile Shelters are sized according to customer requirements and to the characteristics of the installation site.

The frameworks are designed not only according to dimensions but, above all, according to clients’ specifications of wind force resistance and snow load strength on the site where the shelters will be installed.