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The folding door series PIC “MaxiDoor” is the optimal solution for the automatic opening and closing of large rooms, which are subject to heavy traffic.


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The “MaxiDoor” PIC series folding door is the ideal solution for the automatic opening and closing of large, heavy traffic areas. Thanks to its opening / closing speed and high tightness, PIC “MaxiDoor” limits the thermal dispersion, with a consequent improvement of the environmental working conditions and a significant saving on energy costs. Door opens by means of lifting belts that are rolled-up on the upper barrel inside canopy.

The particular structure with new design uprights, allows to realize automatic closures of large dimensions at a cost comparable to a normal industrial door. The possibility of easily opening a gap of this size, allows to better exploit the interior spaces and to facilitate internal / external movement.

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Made from special galvanised steel profile, dimensioned to ensure durability and protection in all situations, even against accidental impact. Full width canopy and motor cover as standard.

Drive shaft

Made from tubular galvanised steel, diameter 152 mm, flanged. Rotates on bench supports with self-aligning ball bearings

Flexible curtains

Made from trevira-type twin-moulded polyester fabric, self-extinguishing Class 2, with pockets for strengthening flexible joint system. Curtains available in a selection of colours

Sliding curtain

Extremely quiet thanks to the side guides provided with double rubber sealing profiles.

Wind strengthening bars/Wind Resistance

High wind pressure resistance thanks to the windproof reinforcement bars realized in aluminum tubes.

Wind load resistance

According to UNI EN 12424 Class 2. Upon request, the resistance can be Class 3.

Safety devices

Emergency opening: Emergency opening in case of power failure or damage, the opening is guaranteed by a specific command. Safety photocell: One Pair of transmitter/receiver type UNI 8612 compliant. Stops downward movement of the door and returns it to the open position should any obstacle be detected by the threshold beam. Optional Additional pairs as required by choice, or current Health and Safety Standards. Optional Photocells up-rated from IP55 to IP57. Emergency opening: In the event of power failure or malfunction, lifting of the door is by brake release and a snap insertion manual wind.

Electrical system

Pre-wired with terminal block for connection between the control panel and remote applications (motor, photocells, controls etc). Dedicated piping system.

PT Control Box/Board

On the Standard control box is a up push buttons and emergency push/lock button. On the Plus control box is a lockable power switch, up and down push buttons, emergency push/lock button, and an automatic/manual selector. The box itself is a robust enclosure (protection degree IP 55, in compliance with updated CEE/CEI 44/5 and DIN standards). IP 65 compliant push-button board. The solid-state microprocessor digital electronic instrument panel affords easy programming and rapid replacement operations in the event of faults, as well as ensures interfacing with remote controls and timer programming. A self-diagnosis circuit detects and indicates malfunctioning by means of dedicated LED lamps. The board also features a safety heat detector

Optional Equipment Electric Panel

Partializable opening: allows partial lifting of the door to a preselected height. Electric panel, type PLUS: in addition to standard, Plus control box is a lockable power switch, up and down push buttons, emergency push/lock button, and an automatic/manual selector. Interlock Logic: Enables multiple COIL door interfaces


Product compliant with EC Directive UNI EN 13241-1 Industrial and Commercial Automatic Doors • 89 / 106 / CEE Construction Products • LVD 73 / 23 / CEE Low Voltage • EMC 89 / 336 / CEE Electromagnetic compatibility • 98 / 37 CEE e 98 / 79 CEE Automatic Machine • UNI EN 12604 Mechanical Aspects • UNI EN 12453 Safety usage of Automatic Doors • UNI EN 12424 Loading Pressure Resistance


COIL. provide a standard warranty of 12 months from delivery date on every products. In case of malfunctioning, parts will be exchanged. Delivery of the new part will be after receiving the original one