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Door control unit with integrated frequency converter now available for COIL industrial and commercial high speed doors.

Thanks to a fully integrated frequency converter with power output stage can gently control the door with variable opening and closing speeds. The COIL control system is combined with an asynchronous motor with a power up to 1,5 kW and a 230 V supply.

In addition to controlling the motor that drives the door the control can be used for the following tasks:

  • Positioning the door at and between its final positions (open, close and intermediate positions)
  • to run at different speeds (integrated frequency converter)
  • security sensors on the door (e.g. safety edge monitoring)
  • additional safety equipment on the door (e.g. photo eyes or radar)
  • door control systems (eg chain, radio receivers, radar, radio controlled buttons)
  • emergency stop controls
  • Electronically protected 24V low-voltage power supply for sensors and control devices
  • 230 V power supply to external units
  • Control of application-specific outputs (such as PLC output for door position status)
  • Output of diagnostic messages
  • Smooth starting and braking of the PVC mantle, offers maximum protection to the mechanical components of the door and a long product life cycle
  • Easy use due to extensive pre-settings for the operation of the industrial door
  • Clearly visible diagnostic integrated display
  • Slots for additional modules
  • Conformity to latest standards (TÜV, CE)
  • 24 V safety low voltage according to EN 60335-1
  • Slots for 2 channel radio
  • Mechanical limit switch operation
  • Incl. CEE plug as main switch
  • Up to 16 digital inputs and 2 relay outputs
  • Can be programmed for further customization of operating speeds
  • Dimensions (W x H x D) 182 x 328 x 102 mm
  • Housing Plastic
  • Power supply 230 VAC +/-10% / 50-60 Hz,
  • Power consumption maximum of 30 W fully equipped
  • Operation frequencies 6-200 Hz (separate adjustable frequency ramps for all door operating modes)
  • Control voltage / 24 VDC, safe
  • Supply external devices 24 VDC / 500 mA, short-circuit-proof
  • Drive output for drives up to 1.5kW at 230 V
  • Temperature range Operation -20°C up to 50°C
  • Humidity up to 95%, not condensing
  • Noise emission < 20 dB (A)
  • Protection type IP54 (in the housing)
  • Protection class Protection class I
  • Weight approx. 5 kg
  • Standard Conformity:
    • Doors EN 12453 / EN 12978
    • Voltage EN 60335 / EN 60335-1
    • EMC EN 50081 / EN 50082
  • Approval: TÜV Type examination

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