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Automatic doors for industrial and commercial environments

COIL updates product catalogue with a wide and comprehensive offer of industrial automatic doors and PVC coverings, to meet every need in terms of size, location and functions. From interchangeable sector versions to models with selfrepairing mantle, which reduce downtimes and repair costs in the event of a collision, to versions for cold rooms, guaranteed down to -60°, to explosion-proof versions, for ATEX classified environments, to maxi doors, for large rooms.

In industrial and commercial environments, the COIL rapid door is suitable to optimize and improve traffic flows of vehicles and people. The speed of operation, in opening and closing, ensures an effective thermal barrier between different environments, with a significant reduction in energy costs. The compact design, wind, rain, snow resistance, dust protection and low maintenance, are further factors that determine the choice.

The COIL high speed doors can be installed as indoor or outdoor closures, acting as partition walls, facades and dividers to protect different working environments, both in masonry warehouses and on movable tunnels or hangars of large dimensions.

The vertical sliding of the flexible mantle is extremely quiet, the opening and closing speed and of the positions in-between are adjustable, special sensors such as safety ribs, radar or photocells, ensure the operation in safety and can be remote controlled.

Among the fields of application of COIL industrial doors there is certainly the large-scale Retail trade, with its network of supermarkets and intermediary chains, the Food and Cold industry, for the production and storage in climate controlled areas, the Chemical and Pharmaceutical industry with its highly sanitized environments, the Automotive industry with its network of mechanical workshops, the Hospital for ambulance access and the Railway industry, for the various public transport depots.

In these industries, COIL doors solve various handling problems depending on the compartment in which they are installed. In the food processing areas they maintain specific temperatures and hygiene levels, in the storage and goods handling areas, they allow a continuous passage of people, forklifts or pallet trucks in total safety, while in store access areas, which are more visible to the public, the mantle’s colours can be adapted to the company colours or to the environment, partially or totally customisable with logos and images.
In the most advanced retailers, the high speed doors also interface with ‘automated operators’, robots used for inspection to ensure product presence and logistical supply on the shelves.

The updating of COIL’s catalogue with the comprehensive range of solutions for industry and commercial sectors, is a further demonstration of COIL’s production, technical and commercial capacity to propose functional and customized solutions for different industrial sectors.

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